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Entrecard link love – week 8

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Welcome to Entrecard link love week 8. Before I begin with a recap of my Entrecard sponsors of the week, I’d like to mention a cool contest that my blogroll friend Neil Duckett is churning out: another free camera! Neil is giving out a new Canon IXY Digital L4 Camera in celebration of launching his Japan Singles website. Go read how to enter this new contest over at his Gaijin in Japan blog. Dating is big business. Good luck to, ya!

And now we move back to regular link love.

Fantasy Baseball – I seriously never knew one could talk that much about baseball during the off-season, but that’s fantasy for you – thinking up about who you’re going to select for the 2008 season. This blog goes around the bases and talks about every position and offers up some commentary on the Hall of Fame as well. Always an interesting discussion during the steroid era. – This is a tech blog that discusses all aspects of computing and gaming. One of the posts that caught my eye was My Reasons Not to Use Facebook. Hourray, I’m not the only one! I don’t lose touch with people. If “friends” don’t hear from me in a long time, there’s a reason. Good to know that I’m not the only one on the planet who isn’t enthralled with Facebook.

2009 Nissan GTR – So that’s what one looks like… I give, I know nothing about cars! But if you ever wanted to know about the Nissan GTR, visit this site. Again, I’m amazed by the niche market which I think this guy has cornered for this car.

Back in more familiar PF territory, A-Train Finance talks about A Few Expenses That Shouldn’t Be Spared. I totally agree regarding the health related ones but a few others were surprising such as cookies :)

Joan Joyce – A very prolific blogger from the Philippines that offers a wide array of subjects. I never knew the Philippines has a coral reef ecosystem named the Tubbataha Reef. Very beautiful and has even been nominated for the new Seven Wonders of the world.

High T3ch – This is a high tech blog that finds cool stuff on the Internet. And now, I’ve seen it all – including a home on a tricycle. This baby comes with a window, a writing desk and a fold out bed. I’d be interested in buying one… if I were a smurf.

Little Dough Girl – This is a blog about a newly divorced woman on her way to financial health. A lot of accountability, self-examination and cost cutting goals in this one.

And that’s it for this week. Thanks, everyone.

4 Responses to “Entrecard link love – week 8”

  1. on 03 Feb 2008 at 10:30 amjoanjoyce

    thank you for the link love :)

  2. on 03 Feb 2008 at 2:57 pmSean Morris

    Thanks for the mention. Yes, I am a niche within a niche.

  3. on 03 Feb 2008 at 3:48 pmStanHayes

    Thanks so much, that was really cool of you.

  4. on 03 Feb 2008 at 9:32 pmNeil Duckett

    Thanks Mariam, much appreciated!

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