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Would Google Acquiring Twitter Be a Bad Move?

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Being in the technology field and trying to learn finance, anytime a news story comes out that marries the two, I’m interested.  This time, it’s about Google possibly acquiring Twitter, the microblogging platform.  Perhaps I’m one of the few in the blogging scene who doesn’t understand the appeal of Twitter.  Then again, since my posts have been few and far between, maybe I just don’t crave the social media attention.  What interests me more, if this deal comes into fruition, is  how Google plans to monetize the acquisition.

Time and time again, we have heard how hard it is to monetize social media for an online income.  Facebook still hasn’t made a go at it.  Last I heard, Google is pulling off Adsense for videos.  And now they want to buy Twitter?  Don’t get me wrong, I can see a use for Twitter as a communications tool for breaking news media.  But following people I barely know, a cat, a dog, a pet ferret?  Who cares?

The general masses are polluting Twitter with nonsense blatherings.  How will Google slap Adsense on pointless 140 character tweets?  How will Google handle real time search on the bastardization of shortened words and get them in the correct context?  Obvioiusly, the Google braintrust is much smarter than I.  However, have they made Youtube profitable yet?  Youtube, Twitter, Facebook are great applications but without a sustainable business model or a definable revenue stream, being cool and the latest craze just doesn’t cut it for the investment pocket book.

4 Responses to “Would Google Acquiring Twitter Be a Bad Move?”

  1. on 07 Apr 2009 at 10:22 pmthe weakonomist

    Not to plug my own blog but my post for today talks about how twitter can monetize. As for Google buying Twitter, they likely aren’t interested in a purchase. A partnership would make perfect sense though. And don’t worry, there won’t be adsense anywhere.

  2. on 15 Apr 2009 at 7:35 pmInvestools

    I think it should be pointed out that Google has bought a number of companies in the past that they have shown no intention of monetizing. Let’s not fool ourselves. Google is less of a search engine than it is a media company (and the largest media company in the world at that). They’ve gone way past search and content ads to offer newspaper, tv and radio ads.

    The most valuable asset to a media company (other than the channels on which to sell advertising), is information on consumers, industries, markets, brands, trends, …. INFORMATION. This allows a company like Google to forecast the future and accurately mold their business objectives around “what will be.” That is why they purchased companies like Urchin and offered it as Google Analytics for free (for those of you who don’t know, you have to opt out of your site’s analytics being aggregated and used by Google for research).

    Twitter would be just one more outlet for them to mine information on trends.

  3. on 16 Apr 2009 at 12:08 amBuild Passive Income

    I keep hearing how Twitter has yet to turn a profit, how it continues to seek venture capital for its very survival. Google might be coming along at just the right moment. I never warmed up to Twitter, but it looks to be very popular and perhaps there is some financial potential?

  4. on 28 Dec 2009 at 12:51 pmconsultant seo

    Google is building out their own directory of local businesses with its Place Pages, which can be accessed via Google Maps and local search. They are encouraging local businesses to put Google-branded stickers in store windows and recently added their own ratings summaries to business profiles. Yelp, of course, already has all of this data, along with a growing and active audience of consumers who are used to finding (and rating) businesses on Yelp.

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